Tuesday, January 21, 2014

About instructor

Instructor Sato Endo

Teaches weekly group lessons at Yoga Coolhaven,
Yoga studio Charles Hond and doyoga studio Rotterdam

Teaches workshops with various themes around Yoga, health and human activities at different places in Netherlands and Japan

In my personal experience yoga has enabled me to come in dialogue with my body and myself. A number of times it reminded me to face challenging moments with optimism and effortlessness. Soon after I started taking lessons in my late 20s, I began to become aware of my states in a different way from before, especially when I was stressed or fatigued.
Yoga has supported me in managing those hard moments in life.
I encountered practices of Iyengar yoga while training as choreographer and performer. Through the profession I had developed a great interest in body and states of the body through which the mind of the person is expressed. The alignment work of Iyengar yoga has not only brought about senses of stability and balance, but it has made clear what my
personal limits and challenges are. Though continued yoga practice I am still experiencing increase in range of movement and ease in actions.
Harmony and intelligence that abides in yoga asanas inspire me to discover potentials that each person’s body uniquely has. This is how I began my path of teaching. I have received training from Nanda Peek, Berber Schönholzer, Willy Bok and Rita Poelvoorde.

1997   Finished Hata Yoga Instructor training in Tokyo

2005 - Teaches group lessons and private lessons based in Rotterdam

2011   Regular group lessons start at doyoga studio in Rotterdam

2016 - Iyengar yoga instructor (Introductory level)

2018  Co-founder of the Yoga Teachers Collective and the studio YOGA COOLHAVEN

2018   Iyengar yoga Intermediate Junior I instructor

講師 遠藤さと


Nanda Peek, 
Berber Schönholzer, Willy Bok, Rita Poelvoordeに師事

ロッテルダムのdoyoga studio、Yoga Coolhaven、
Yoga studio Charles Hondにて毎週グループレッスンのクラスを持つ。


1998年に渡欧し、Codarts (Rotterdam Dance Academy), P.A.R.T.S.(Brussels)にてコンテンポラリーダンスの振付と制作を、DAS Theater and Arts (Amsterdam) にて身体芸術、映像、音を複合的に用いたパフォーマンスの演出と制作を学んだ。


1997年    心とからだクリニカセンター(東京)にて、 ハタヨーガ初級インストラクターの資格を取得

2005年-     ロッテルダムを中心に、グループレッスンおよびプライベートレッスンを指導開始

2011年    ロッテルダム・doyoga スタジオにてレギュラーのグループレッスンを開始

2016年-   アイアンガーヨーガ認定指導員 Introductory level 取得

2018年    NPO法人Yoga Teachers Collectiveに参加、 スタジオYOGA COOLHAVEN の共同主宰者となる

2018年   アイアンガーヨガ 認定指導員 Intermediate Junior I 取得