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Film night / 100 year Iyengar 

On December 14th the 100th birthday of the late B.K.S. Iyengar is going to be celebrated in many places over the world. At Yoga Coolhaven we are also going to take part in the commemoration. We invite you to join us on this special occasion.

You are welcome to start the evening by taking part in the restorative yoga lesson at 17:30. Even if you do not make it to the lesson, feel free to join us around 19:00. Then we will screen the film Leap of Faith. It is a documentary about the life of Iyengar, the beloved yoga master who brought yoga to the west and into our lives. 

You can join the film event for free. If you would like to join the restorative yoga lesson, the price is on donation base. 

Friday, Decemebr 14th
17:15 Door open
17:30 Restorative yoga lesson (optional)
19:00 Soup & Snacks 19:30 Film - “Leap of Faith”

at Yoga Coolhaven
Coolhaven 104, Rotterdam
T: 010 22 32 17 2
E: info@yogacoolhaven.nl

Please tell us beforehand (by FB message, by contacting one of the teachers, or by mailing to info@yogacoolhaven.nl) if you plan to come and with how many, so that we can plan accordingly.

Studio opening
Sa 15 September 15:00 - 18:00


On September 15th at 15:00 we open the studio at Coolhaven 104. Then we lay down our yoga mats and together with you we practice yoga (The series of the asana's will be published on this page soon). Bring a mat with you if you have one - We'd like to have the studio full in order to start as festive as possible.
After the practice it is possible to inscribe for the lessons. The lessons will start on Monday September 17th.

Agenda September 15th

15:00 Reception
15:30 - 16:30 Collective yoga practice 
16:30 - 17:00 End of the lesson
17:00 - 18:00 Coffee, tea, Information / inscription

Upcoming workshop (passed)

Mothers Day Special: Yoga for Women’s Health
Sa 7 May 14.00 - 17.00

In this workshop yoga postures will be practiced from the point of view of traditional Japanese manual therapy specialized on women’s health. 
The focus is on several areas in the body, which are regarded as important for our wellness. The attention will be on the feet and the ankles, the abdominal cavity and the inguinal areas (groins).  
The abdominal cavity and the inguinal areas are two important areas in practicing yoga asanas. In Japanese the inguinal area is called Sokei. A part of the abdominal cavity is called Mizo-ochi, a space which contains the solar plexus. Sokei and M­izo-ochi address spaces rather than particular organs. Quality and flow inside them are vital to our health. When we understand our body from the point of view of the spaces within, which is unique in the traditional Eastern medical science, our yoga asana practices will certainly become more dynamic and subtile.  

The workshop starts with working on the relations between the feet, the ankle and the rest of the body. Your feet are the interfaces to the ground. How you use your feet has consequences for the engagement of your legs, pelvic girdle, trunk and everything that comes above them. The ankles have a relationship with conditions of the pelvic girdle and the reproductive organs.  
Further you learn how to work on Sokei and Mizo-ochi and their importance for women’s health. By using massage techniques and doing simple exercises you will approach a closer feeling with these areas and extend this sensation into asana practices.  
The asanas that will be practiced are chosen from the following point of view:
– Increasing the awareness in the use of feet and legs
– Stabilizing and balancing the hip joints
– Broadening the abdominal cavity and stimulating the circulation in the lower abdominal area
– Guiding internal focuses and soothing the nerves towards optimal relaxation
Tips will be given for adjustments according to personal conditions and for home practices. 

Kumi Koide (manual therapist)
Kumi is originally Japanese nurse-midwife and lives in Rotterdam since 1994. She is interested in how to solve the typical physical problems by self exercise around the maternal and perinatal periods, for example, pelvic instability, engorgement or clogged milk duct etc. Working as lactation consultant(IBCLC), Japanese manuel therapist and postnatal carer (kraamverzorgende).

Sato Endo (yoga instructor)
In 1996-97, Sato followed a teachers training in Tokyo, where she is from, and became certified Hatha yoga teacher. In 2016 she is planning to finish the training to be certified as Iyengar yoga teacher.
Her interest lies in alignment, where she finds a key to the foundation of a healthy body. Her cultural background combined with this interest has been leading her to explore chi or pranic energy as physical presence and the guiding thread in the practice of yoga asanas.

€ 32,-  
The workshop is open to a broad range of participants in terms of age and yoga experiences including beginners.
Sign up
1. Send your registration to info@yogamaya.nl
2. Reserve a place by transferring the workshop fee of € 32,-  to bank account nr NL89 TRIO 0390 5021 03 to Yoga Maya. Please include your name and ‘Yoga for Women’s Health’.

More information
email  info@yogamaya.nl
telephone 010 700 80 10

Upcoming workshop (passed)
at Bujinkan Dojo Suigetsu Ei - 武神館道場水月影 (Berkel en Rodenrijs)
2015.6.5 (Fri) 21:00 - 22:00